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Smartphone Filming: Shoot and Edit Videos Like a Pro

Getting started
Meet your intructor
What you will learn this course
10 types of videos
Anatomy of a video story

Setting up the camera
Camera usage checklist
Checking in
iOS camera settings
Using the native camera
Intro: Filmic Pro camera app
Filmic Pro settings
Filmic Pro - Advanced controls
Movie pro camera app
EXERCISE: Make a camera preset

Basic filming techniques
Shot sizes for storytelling
Filming shots that answer story questions
Pre-visualization tips
Crossing the line : The 180-degree rule
Natural sound

Visual planning
5 keys to making a great video
Finding a "Character Focus"

Filmmaking gear
The basic gear you need
Power, when you need it
Don't get hung up on gear

Apps for filmmaking
iPhone apps
Android apps
Studio setups

Advanced filmmaking
Upgrade your iPhone to film like a real Hollywood camera.
The meaning in camera movement
Narrative motion versus camera motion
Filming smooth video
When to film at 25fps
Dolly shot
Hyperlapse stablization
Using a steadicam gimbal
Stabilizing with slo-motion
Slo motion examples
Filming handlheld

Steadicam shooting with a gimbal
How to set up a DJI Osmo
What does Osmo footage look like?
NEW! filming with the z- axis controller
Transferring clips from the Osmo to your iPhone
How to mount the Osmo to a bicycle
Filming selfies with Osmo presets
Smooth panning and titling with the Osmo
External microphones
Filming at night with the Osmo
DJI Osmo advanced photo modes

Writing scripts
Writing to pictures
Formatting a story into a script
EXERCISE: Transform 10 photos into a video

Record a voice over - vocal narration